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Chelsea (Shure) Lientz, CD(DONA), HBCD

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I have moved to Washington State and am in the process of transitioning to the next phase of life.  Over the next few months, I will be transitioning this site into something else.  Right now, you can follow my writings at LA Family, or my birth activist efforts at

I haven't taken this site down, because I still get monthly emails thanking me for compiling this information into one place.  And I still consult with new families on how to find a doula and connect them with local resources. 

I am moving this busines to be an online consulting business only. It is a work in process, thank you for understanding.  Pleae support me in the birth of this new endevour.

Much love and have a great birth,


Committed to helping you find easy passage into the world of pregnancy, labor, delivery and new parenthood.


At Westside Doula, We Believe that:

A Doula Is

A doula is a woman who loves birth, loves laboring women, and is dedicated to bringing about a positive and meaningful birth in others.  A doula digs birth.

A woman's job during labor is to focus her mind and body on birthing her child.  Her partner's job is to love and support her unconditionally.  A doula's job is to support that partnership and offer her experience and expertise to the laboring couple. 

A doula can help minimize the fear that can be present during labor.  She can offer suggestions, motivation and encouragement.

Her primary job is labor support. Part of that occurs during labor, and part of that occurs before labor. The stronger the relationship you and your partner build with your doula, the better she can serve you during labor.

Her secondary job is a resource consultant.  She should be able to help you find the services you need in your community.  You should feel comfortable asking your doula about anything birth related, and she will help you find the resources you are looking for.

A doula knows that if a woman feels empowered and knowledgeable about her birth then she is more likely to look back on the experience favorably.  A positive impression of birth is beneficial to both mother and child.

A Doula Is Not

A doula is not a doctor, nurse or otherwise a medical practitioner.


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