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Chelsea is not currently taking doula clients in Los Angeles.  She is available for phone, skype, and email consultations if you want to talk with an experienced doula who had no horse in the game.

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Little Company Of Mary

Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance
4101 Torrance Boulevard, Torrance, California 90503
(310) 540-7676 | Directions | Tour | Physicians

Rooms (Rooms Website )

For uncomplicated labors, you will labor, deliver and room-in in the same room.  It is a simple room with a TV (VHS not DVD), hospital bed, small couch, sink, internet access, connects to bathroom/shower, and there is room to move around. 

Bring your own birth ball.

A bath tub is available, down the hall, and can be used to labor in (not deliver).

The nurses are amazing.  Top notch.  They will support a desire for natural labor.



At last check, you cannot have a VBAC at LCOM.  Hospital ban.

Classes (modified from LCOM website)

Baby Care Basics, Cost: $30 per couple, This two-class series is designed to acquaint the parent-to-be with skills necessary for new baby care. New parents will be taught development of the baby, layettes, nutrition, bathing, feeding and safety in this series of two classes. Films are included, as well as discussion of helpful hints on living with the new baby. These classes run on two consecutive Monday evenings.

Breastfeeding Class, Cost: $35.00 per couple, A one-session class for the pregnant and early postpartum woman with information and techniques for breast-feeding. Fathers are encouraged to attend.

Infant and Child CPR for Friends & Family , Cost: $25.00, This three-hour course teaches lay rescuers in the skills of CPR and relief of foreign body airway obstruction for infant victims (birth to one year) and child victims (1-8 years). It also presents information on pediatric infant & child chain of survival, signs of choking, prevention of sudden infant death syndrome and prevention of the most common fatal injuries in infants and children.  Participants will not receive a course certification card.

This course is designed for lay rescuers, such as expectant parents, parents of infants and children, babysitters and other laypersons who want to learn rescue skills for loved ones.

Maternity Tour/Torrance, Cost: Free,  Enjoy a relaxing and informative afternoon touring our labor, delivery, recovery rooms, newborn nursery and postpartum areas. Groups will start with tea and cookies in the Education building and then start their tour. Please call (800) 618-6659 for more information.

Pain Management, Cost: Free, Every woman’s labor is unique. Some women achieve adequate pain control during labor and delivery through learned breathing and relaxation techniques, while others prefer to include additional pain relief methods. Attend this class to discuss the choices available to you, pain relief options, risks and side effects associated with anesthesia and methods used for anesthesia administration. Reservations are mandatory.


To deliver at LCOM, you must pre-register.

  • Pre-Register between your 6th and 7th month of pregnancy
  • Bring your current picture ID
  • Bring your health insurance card
  • Bring pre-authorization from insurance company
  • Register at First Floor, Main Lobby, Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

CASH (from website ): The OB Cash Delivery Package is tailored to meet the needs of families who have insufficient insurance coverage who are considering giving birth at Little Company of Mary Hospital — Torrance and want to realize the benefits of a prepaid package rate that avoids the uncertainty of a large hospital bill after delivery.

The current rates are as follows:

Vaginal Delivery, 48 hour stay
Caesarian Section, 72 hour stay


The above rates include all routine hospital services related to the delivery. Professional fees are not included. Patients will receive bills from physicians separately (OB doctor, anesthesiologist, pediatrician).

Should an additional day(s) be required the rate will be $500 per day.
For uncomplicated multiple births the rate will be $400.00 per day per additional newborn.

If a C-section is performed instead of an expected vaginal delivery, the C-section delivery price will be the new prompt pay package price. Any additional amounts due to staying additional days, or the difference between the maternity delivery type must be paid within 10 calendar days of discharge. If the additional amount due is not paid within the 10 calendar days, the prompt payment offer will be rescinded and the facility self pay discount will apply. Not meeting the additional prompt payment amount due within the timeframe will result in a higher price for the service. If you have any questions regarding the price difference, please speak with a Patient Access Representative (310) 543-5800

For additional information about the OB Cash Delivery Package, please contact:

Little Company of Mary Health Services
Business Services
1499 First Street, San Pedro, CA 90732
(310) 303-7400

If you should have any questions regarding the admission process, please do not hesitate to contact the Pre-Registration Service between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday at (310) 543-5992


This charming little hospital has vallet parking in addition to self parking.  The parking structure (free) is open Monday-Friday until 7pm.


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