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8700 Beverly Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90048 | (310) 4-CEDARS (423-3277) |

C-Section rate:  

2010 Their website indicated that their c-section rate is 22% --but I'm not sure how up to date that is.   Some nights (according to nursing staff) the c-section rates are over 40%.   Usually the number given is somewhere between 30% and 40%.  Ouch.
In 2008, the rate was: CEDARS SINAI MED CTR 36.7%.  
In 2007, it preformed the second highest percent of cesareans on first time moms in the state :( (21%) and the 5th highest over all (27.9%) .

Childbirth Education Classes:

Classes range from free to about $150, depending on the content and how many classes are in the course.  All courses are held at the hospital.  Registration is online.

Hospital Notes:

At Cedars, it is imparitive that you dicuss things like eating during early labor, drinking while at the hospital, having your doula in the room for a c-section, and other such concerns WELL IN ADVANCE of the onset of labor. The nurses will follow whatever notes your doctor has in your file, so make sure you are both on the same page.

Some of the rooms have a bathtub.  You can as for one of those rooms on check-in.  Those rooms don't have much of a view.

If you need continuous fetal monitoring, they can hook you up to a mobil unit so you can roam the halls.  Bring a thin sholder bag to carry it.

Squat bar is available upon request.  Ask for it on intake, it may take some time to unearth it. 

There are a few birth balls rolling around (so to speak), but they are often hard to find, or unavailable.  But do you really want to share a birth ball?  There are a lot of fluids during birth.  I suggest that you BYO.  Besides, they are EXCELLENT after the baby is born when you need to bounce baby to sleep.

Don't forget to pre-register.


Usually, I don't comment on indivudual doctors, but here a few deserve a special shout out for their committment and support of vaginal delivery.  This list is not exclusive, but these Cedar's doctors are fabulous.  They each have a reputation for being mom, doula, natural birth, and (I believe) VBAC friendly.    I wish I could add a "don't go near these doctors with a ten foot pole" list on here, but I don't really think that's a good idea.  Most of these have offices in Beverly Hills


Cedars has recent added some nurse-midwives to their labor and delivery ward.  Many of the midwives (I don't know them all...) are well known and very experienced and awesome midwives.   As I understand it, the nurses do not have the same authority and atonomy as they do at other midwife dominant hospitals.  Probably depends on the OB, but I don't know that for sure.  But it's a start, and a good one!  If they can start catching babies on a regular basis, they will teach the nurses and residents about natural birth.  This is an excellent development for Cedars.

Even better....   Certified Nurse Midwife Debbie Frank has privledges at Cedars!  Yeah!  Another step in the right direction.  Now, if we could only add more to this list!


Cedars alows VBACs, but not all doctors are supportive of them.  If you have had a previous c-section and want a vaginal birth:

  • ask your doctor what his/her VBAC rate is;
  • go on-line and read reviews about your doctor;
  • hire a doula to support you at home and while at the hospital;
  • go to ICAN-Online and learn about VBAC, you must be your own strongest advocate.

Good questions to ask:

  • What happens at 40 weeks?  41 weeks?  42 weeks?
  • When do you usually have the "induction" discussion?
  • What kind of monitoring are you comfortable with?
  • What is the best way to avoid a cesarean?
  • How do you feel about doulas?
  • Will you be the one to attend my birth or might I get your back-up?  How exactly does that work?



Parking is not all that simple at Cedars but not too bad once you get the hang of it.  There is valet in the North Tower (P5), which is what you may want when you go in for labor.  Don't expect to get out of the valet quickly, they often have to move a bunch of cars to get at yours.

If you drive east, turn right on San Vacente and an immediate right that will take you to P2 which has a shuttle back.

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